Why is Border Security Important?

Terrorism is the word that people usually associate with border security but in reality that is only a small part of what border security is all about. Border security is also concerned with the movement of people, goods, and animals that could threaten the safety and security of a nation.


Biosecurity is an important part of border security work. There is as an almost constant stream of commercial traffic coming over the border in trucks and trains. They must be checked for diseases, pests, and smuggling as well as customs laws. Cattle and produce, as well as other goods, must be checked for pests and diseases.

The potential threats of biosecurity can be economically devastating and harmful to industries and people. Insects and diseases, as well as invasive plants and pests, can wipe out farming areas and cause problems for livestock. This results in losses to the farmers, threats to consumer health and less revenue for governments. For example, many fish have been introduced to countries as pests. Some have been released into waterways and the results have been devastating to fish populations and the marine ecosystems. The Northern Snakehead is one such example which has become highly efficient predator that has very few enemies in the wild.

Food sources are important for any population of people to thrive and there are many potential threats to this. Climate change has the potential to change weather patterns and ecosystems. Biosecurity around border areas will increase in importance as this happens.

Biosecurity is often overlooked by the news media but it is an essential and integral part of border security. Without such intervention by the government, it is possible that fishing industries, cattle, and produce could be threatened. At a time when food security is so important for countries adapting to weather changes, biosecurity continues to be important.