Dangerous Borders

Border crossings can be easy or a complete hassle, depending on where a person is travelling in the world. Most developed countries are very vigilante about border crossings, particularly at airports. They also patrol borders at sea and land crossings. However, in some countries, the policing is taken to the extreme to stop criminals, the smuggling of goods, and people smuggling. War near border areas is a sure sign that getting through the border will be difficult.

The Worlds Most Dangerous Borders

Some of the most well-known dangerous borders have been contested for years due to long-standing conflicts with other countries. For example, India has been in conflict with Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir. The 2900km border is heavily patrolled with thousands of floodlights and troops. North Korea and South Korea never signed an agreement to stop the Korean war, and a demilitarized zone divides the two countries. People still try to cross the border from North Korea despite almost a million troops being based in the area. Pakistan also shares a contested border with Afghanistan. Pakistan is strict about who comes near the border because of the Taliban, which has troops in the area. Afghanistan has resisted attempts to fence the border. Yemen shares a border with Saudi Arabia, which is also a hot area for terrorism, and armed conflict has broken out in the area, and the civil war continues in Yemen.

People often complain about the massive security at border areas in developing countries, but spare a thought for the people living near to some of the borders mentioned. Many civilians have lost their lives trying to cross these borders and soldiers are often killed due to armed conflict over disputed borders. Border security is an absolutely essential way for nation-states to protect themselves, but the resulting casualties are still disappointing.