Border Security Employees

There are a number of issues that border security deals with on a day to day basis. People that work in such scenarios deal with minor threats such as mistaken goods coming into the country, possible terrorists, criminals, and drug dealers. The life of people working in border security is never dull but they do deal with sensitive cultural issues in many environments.

What Do People Working in Border Security Deal With?

People working on land border crossings often patrol thousands of miles of fencing in all kinds of weather conditions. They must contend with animals in all kinds of terrains including mountains and canyons. They work day and night and use a number of different devices and technology to try to detect border threats. People working also need to do regular checks of fences and lines to check for possible intrusions.

Some employees also work at checkpoints on the road where they conduct regular checks for drugs and items that could pose a threat. They inspect all kinds of transport such as trucks, buses, cars, and motorbikes.

Marine patrols also conduct similar checks of boats and ships near waterways that are close to the borders. Not only do they check for items that could pose a threat but they are also concerned about fishing and smuggling of expensive and endangered marine life.

Border security meets many people in their searches from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds. They have to be trained in different languages and also understand cultural nuances and be careful not to insult or discriminate.

Anyone that works in border security will usually have an interesting or dangerous story to tell people about the work that they do. People that work in border security do sensitive and difficult work in all kind of conditions. This must be recognized even for people strongly against the politics of border security.